Welche spiegellose Systemkamera kaufen? (Update)

Mit Erscheinen der Olympus M5 Mark II und der Sony A7-II stellt sich wieder einmal die Frage: Welche Kamera und, wichtiger noch, welches Kamerasystem kaufen?

Generell gilt: Alle heutigen Systemkameras, egal ob mit oder ohne Spiegel, egal ob 4/3, APS-C, Kleinbild oder Mittelformat, können mehr, als die meisten Fotografen von ihnen fordern. Wenn wir in dem bezahlbaren Bereich bis 2.000 EUR bleiben, können wir zwischen Mikro-4/3, APS-C und Kleinbildformat wählen. Wenn wir uns dann noch auf spiegellose Kameras mit Sucher einschränken, und auch etwas auf Styling und Feeling achten, bleiben Sony A7s und A7II, Fuji X-T1 und Olympus M1 und M5II.

Genau dies hat sich Steve Huff gedacht und die Bildqualität dieser Kameras, zusammen mit der Fuji X100T und Leica M240, verglichen.

Hier sein Bericht:
28 images from the A7s, A7II, E-M1, E-M5II, Fuji X-T1, Fuji X100T, and M 240

Zu den Olympus-Kameras schreibt er:

To me, this system is so mature and so well executed today that these are some of the best cameras you can buy today, regardless of mirrorless or DSLR. There are a thousand reasons for this from size, build, pro level features, freeze, shock, weatherproof…huge EVF, super fast AF, amazing 5 Axis (best in the world), awesome video in the new 5II as well as the rich files with superb color richness as well. Some of my favorite images of my life were shot on 4/3 and Micro 4/3 systems and I place this just behind the Sony A7II and Leica M for IQ.

Today, the E-M5II and E-M1 meet or exceed nearly all APS-C cameras for build, speed, features, capabilities, color and yes IQ. It can not beat a full frame model for Dynamic Range, Details or high ISO but it holds its own and then some for APS-C and for me, the E-M1 is probably the best camera body I have used, ever. I am talking about the whole package… build, features, speed, controls, versatility, what is possible with them, etc. As I said, IQ is just behind the full frame models. It really is.

Even so, Olympus is doing great things and they are the inventors of Live View, Dust Cleaning in camera, 5 Axis IS, and more. Good to see them still innovating. I also feel the best lenses next to Leica M are right here for Micro 4/3, from the Nocticron to the 75 1.8 to the 40-150 to the 12mm f/2 to the f/0.95 Voigtlanders. So many choices.

Inzwischen hat er den Vergleich zu einem „Mirrorless Battle“ ausgebaut:
MIRRORLESS BATTLE! Micro 4/3 vs APS-C vs Full Frame!

Moral of this story? Anyone who tells you Micro 4/3 cannot hang with larger sensors is 100% incorrect, as I have said for years. Not only does it hold its own, it does better in many scenarios. Also, what was not mentioned yet is the fact that the best made and designed body here is the Olympus E-M1.